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Be the ONE to make a difference

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Invest in YOUth and Close gaps

Picture above is a BGCJC member named Pops. His old man demeanor gives him this nickname. Pops has been a BGCJC member for 5 years. When schools' closed in March of 20220 due to the spread of COVID-19 Pops didn't get a chance to finish the school year strong or show off his smile and athletic talent. When we opened back up in June, Pops was one of the firs kids to come back to our Club. He quickly got back to being himself and playing with others. Pops is one of many reasons that we open during the Summer and aim to close any gaps a young person might encounter.

It just takes ONE adult, ONE experience, or ONE opportunity to change a young person's life. We aim to positively impact each young person that comes through our double doors. Who was that ONE person or ONE thing that changed your life? Be the ONE you needed for someone else. #InvestInYOUth.

For 19 years, we have worked to change this county by serving thousands of kids and teens and inspiring them to have their own GREAT future.

During this annual campaign we focus on closing the gaps in education and youth development that usually widen during the 8-9 week Summer break from school. We are asking for your support in closing any gap that our young people might face. Share this opportunity with your friends and Family.